How to choose the right designer for your project

With so many architectural designers offering services, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and not know where to go, or how to start. Here, we will endeavour to outline what to look for in a designer and how to decide on the right one for your project.
Choosing a designer can be quite a worrying decision to make. How are they different and where do you even start? We always recommend working with one of our Architectural Designers, as they have worked with us for years so have the knowledge and expertise to back it up. This blog however, was written for those times where you are forced to find one yourself, or are helping somebody else find one for their project.

What traits are found in a good Architectural Designer?

  • A good Architectural Designer is a great listener. They should be able to sit down and listen to your ideas and thoughts, and transform them into feasible real-world solutions for your project. A great architectural designer will also provide their own design options and advice, all based on their extensive industry expertise and knowledge.

  • Finding a designer that you get along with and feel comfortable talking to is important too. This will allow you to express your thoughts and ideas more openly, and they should be welcoming of that, so that the two of you can collaborate and get the best possible design to suit your needs and wants.You should see your relationship with your architectural designer as a two way street. They are there for you to throw your thoughts and ideas at, while they try to transform them into a real world product.

  • You should try your best to explain what you are going for, whilst listening to their response and feedback for what is feasible and what is not. A good designer will be able to tell you what is feasible for your budget, project and intentions.

Cheapest is not always best

  • Project type, projected design costs and related budgets are important and should be factored into the equation. As with anything in life, choosing the cheapest option can mean more implications and costs for you further down the line.
  • Architectural design has small margins for error, so think twice before choosing a designer with less experience and/or qualifications. It means they are more likely to make mistakes, which creates large and expensive complications further down the line.
  • A skilled architectural designer will also be able to plan your budget around your project more effectively, as well as explore better ways to make your ideas work. Therefore it is wise to invest in a designer with a proven track record in the industry because it can save you time and money in the long run.

Shortlist designers and interview them

  • This is a very important stage of the process. There are many designers out there and the best way to decide whether they are right for you and your project, is to first do your research on some potential designers you would like to work with. Then begin contacting them and arranging to meet up with them if you like how they sound over the phone or email.

  • Make sure to arrange some questions that you can bring along to address any concerns and queries you may have about their design work, processes or credibility. You’ll find that you’ll have general questions for all designers, as well as questions that are tailored to each designer.
  • Don’t forget to ask for references of previous clients, get in contact with those clients to see how their experience was and whether or not they would recommend for you to work with them.

Our team has established strong relationships with a few selected architectural designers that we value and trust. If you choose us to manage your project, we can work with you at your own pace and we guarantee that the people we recommend will be ideally suited to your project.

​Throughout your journey with our designer, we will manage the process of going from concept drawings to council consent, and make sure that you always remain a priority. Having our team help you through concepts to construction means that we can hand the keys over to you approximately six weeks sooner than if you had chosen somebody else to draw the plans.

​Do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about your home project!

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