Iron Clad Guarantee

For Ultimate Peace of Mind During Your Build​

Constant Communication

We believe that keeping you informed throughout every stage of your journey with us is crucial for you to have a positive experience. If for some reason one of our team is not able to answer a call straight away. we guarantee to return your call within 2 hours.

Financial Planning

Our Action Plan provides a fixed price that will not change unless you change your mind. If changes arise due to unforeseen circumstances, we will provide you with a written variation of the costs. This will allow you to remain in total control of your project costs ensuring your plans will stay within budget.


We pride ourselves on our personal approach with all of our clients. Gaining and keeping trust is our number one priority. This is one of the key reasons why 93% of our work comes from referrals from previous clients.


Whether you are in the design or construction stage, you will always be one of our team’s top priority. We have strong relationships with our designers and we can ensure that you will receive your completed plans within reasonable time frames. We will communicate daily with the council to help you obtain your billing consent within 20 days from submission. Every project is unique. We will create a customised Project Schedule Timeline based solely on your project to help us better organise our subcontractors and speed up your project. You will have access to the copy so you know exactly when the different construction stages will take place.

Quality Control

After construction, we will walk through your home using our 267-Point Quality Checklist. Developed over 13 years, our checklist ensures that your home is completed to the highest possible standards before handing over the keys.


We strive to continuously improve our clients’ experience when they come on board with us. Throughout the last 13 years, our focus has been on development and innovation. This means that we can guarantee you a smooth and stress free journey throughout the project.


Certified Home Extension is committed to look after the health and safety of not just our staff but also your family’s and the public’s. Site safety is our priority. Any injury on one of our sites is one too many. We partner with HazardCo and use their site safety plans to ensure all our sites are run in the safest manner possible. Having the experts on board leaves us to focus on what we do best, which is making your dream home a reality.


As members of the Certified Builders Association and Certified Home Extensions, we offer the Homefirst Ten Year written guarantee as an added protection beyond the building act and Certified Home Extensions personal workmanship guarantee. This covers you for structural defects, including weather tightness for up to 10 years.

Barefoot Walking Guarantee

Sites so safe, you can admire progress in bare feet!

Many of our clients choose to remain in their homes throughout the course of construction, so we place a huge emphasis on keeping a tidy, safe site. This ensures that the building experience is both as enjoyable and as easy as possible for your family, and there are minimal disruptions and as little inconvenience as possible.

The construction stage of your project is the most exciting and we understand that you are going to want to come & admire progress. 

We want to ensure you are safe when we take you through a tour of the construction at your home.


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