3 Reasons why utilising natural light in your home is essential

An often overlooked aspect of design is window placement for natural light and sun, which can effectively make or break your home. We delve into why…

1) Ambience/Mood

Natural lighting, light sources, windows and views should be taken into consideration because it can often make the difference between a dark, gloomy feeling home and a lively, bright home that is full of natural light and maximises any views that you might have. 

Natural lighting sources, window placement and area views should be the first thing you consider during design. Even if it seems like there may be no nice views initially, thinking outside the box using new ways to capture more sunshine and natural lighting can be a big payoff. Considering which way the sun rises and sets in accordance to your homes location can greatly help with this. Also, consider using larger windows where you can afford to, especially in rooms that are known for being dark and not receive as much light exposure. By using larger windows, more light comes in and can transform the whole atmosphere of the room.

Here at CHE, we work with trusted designers, as well as credible window and door companies that can accommodate and effectively maximise the natural light and sunlight that hits the room to effectively enhance your space.

2) Health Benefits

Surprisingly, maximising natural light can also have health benefits for you and your family.

​Vitamin D is fundamental to your health and well being and it is also a vitamin that is deficient in many people, especially during those winter months. With our busy lives, it’s often difficult to get enough sunlight exposure, so maximising the amount of natural light that comes into your home can greatly help to avoid this.

​Here are more benefits of Vitamin D: (Source)

  • It is important for absorbing calcium, and therefore essential for the formation of healthy and strong bones, teeth and nails.
  • Regulates your Immune System
  • Benefit your Mental Health
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Good for your eye health & vision
  • Helps improve your sleep
  • Improves your mood

​3) Save those dollars!

Due to reductions in your power bills from not having to turn on the lights as often, you’ll also have more disposable income to spend on the more important things in life.

​We’ve worked on projects where we’ve managed to open up views in an area of the house that the previous designers/architects did not consider and the pay-off is huge. Call us today on (09) 236 6944 so that we can help you improve the natural lighting in your home and show off the views in your area. We love maximising people’s homes to their full lighting potential!

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