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Are You Looking To Extend Your Home?

  • Has your family outgrown your existing home?
  • WW3 breaking out because your children need their own space?
  • Queue for the bathroom longer then the time you spend in the shower?
  • Dreading the thought of moving & finding a new home that will meet all of your requirements?

  • Has your family outgrown your existing home?
  • WW3 breaking out because your children need their own space?
  • Queue for the bathroom longer then the time you spend in the shower?
  • Dreading the thought of moving & finding a new home that will meet all of your requirements?
Extending your home is definitely the perfect solution for your family. Based on 139 successful home extensions that we have built, we can help you to increase your living space(s) meaning you keep your existing location and the house you love while gaining the space that you need!
We promise you’ll have an experience that is far more stress free then looking for a home that meets all of your needs and more on the current Auckland housing market.
Scroll down to learn more about why 139 Aucklanders have trusted Certified Home Extensions with their home extension dream and while you are there hear what our smiling clients are stoked about when it comes to the six star experience that they have had with CHE
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The Certified Home Extensions have a broad range of knowledge in the building and construction industry especially when it comes to refreshing, renovating and maximizing the space + potential of treasured family homes. So if you have a building project which seems impossible don't despair, tell us about it and we will do our best to make it happen for you.

Auckland’s Most Trusted Home Renovations Expert!

4 reasons why you can trust Certified Home Extensions with the dream that you have for your home

1. Expert Experience and Knowledge
Building an extension or renovating an existing space is tremendously more difficult then starting from scratch with an empty section and building a new home, thus experience is crucial when considering who will help you to make the dream that you have for your home a reality.

2. Complete Turn-Key Solution
We totally understand that life is busy and only seems to get busier! If you’re anything like our previous clients you probably struggle to spend adequate time with family and friends which means that you really do not have time to manage a building project!

3. Comprehensive Communication
Throughout the stages that we will work through together as we strive to make your extension dream a reality, communication is key to ensuring that you understand what is going on at every step of the way.

4. (Awesome) Action Plans
One of the ways that we strive to maximise your levels of confidence is through the 13 page Action Plan that we provide pre construction. This 13 page Action Plan is broken down into approximately 24 unique categories with all materials that will be built into your dream extension listed and included. 


While we’re quick to point out that we specialise in major extensions and architectural homes, we also like to tell prospective clients the type of work we aren’t setup for, so there aren’t any unrealistic expectations at the beginning.
If you’ve got a singular renovations project like a deck extension, bathroom renovation, garage conversion, outdoor entertainment area expansion or similar type work… then we’re probably not the right building company for you, and we’ll respectfully tell you this right at the beginning of your project.
This just saves both parties from wasted time, money and energy.
However, if this small project is part of a larger scale renovation or extension then we can easily schedule it as a component of your bigger project – we can offer greater efficiency and cost savings this way.
We have noticed that other building companies tend to  just do a ‘quote’ – that is they give you a price and that’s all, as if price is the only thing worth considering when planning your next building project, if all building projects were the same, that could be true.

Large customised extensions like this property is the sort of work that Certified Home Extensions specialise in.

Deck extensions only like this are not our specialty, but if it is apart of larger project it can easily be scheduled in and can offer you greater workmanship and cost efficiency!

Success Story

“I would say the biggest challenge is when we got the programme, the build was going to be completed in 4 months and that exceeded my expectations. That being the case we had a lot of bad weather and the conditions weren’t the easiest to build in but we were in the house before time, before the 4 months which meant before Christmas so we were very stoked. Considering the weather, conditions and challenges. Very Happy!”

Andy & Charlotte
Owners of Spiral Drillers


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Let's Extend Your Home Together!

Although we have completed over 139 projects, each one has been unique with special needs and requirements. That’s why we have developed our 7 Steps to Success so that we can get as much information from you as possible before providing you with our expert advice, recommendations and proposed solutions.









Your extension journey usually begins when you make the decision to give us a call on 09 236 6944.

During our first phone call we’ll ask you a few questions so that we gain the most accurate understanding possible of how we can help you best.

Once we have finished & become fast friends, we’ll schedule a time for one of our team to come out and see you so that we can complete the picture as to what your completed extension dream will look like


Once we have touched base for the first time (see Step One) we will usually schedule a time for one of our team to come out to your home and meet with you and any other decision making parties that may be involved with your project.

Our main purposes during this session is to leave with the full understanding of your reasons for choosing to extend or renovate, the financial resources you have available, the timeline that you would like to meet and the picture you have in your head of what your completed dream for your home will look like.

We encourage you to have on hand any ideas, house plans, section information, pinterest boards or any other relevant information that will be helpful for us when we are seeking to help you make the dream that you have for your home a reality. Remember any question is a good question so never be afraid to ask during these sessions!


(If you have plans already skip ahead to Step 5)
Once we have met onsite for the first time, we’ll arrange for you to meet with one of our personally chosen architectural designers who will be ideally suited to your project.

Their extensive experience (all of our designers have been drawing plans for 10+ years) will enable them to add to or improve any ideas that we have come up with together – that is if we haven’t found the perfect solution already ☺ while getting a feel for exactly what you want to achieve from your building project.

Within 2-3 days of this session we’ll send you an investment proposal for how much the designer believes the design stage of your dream will cost and once you are happy they will be able to start drawing!


We pride ourselves on the way that we coordinate the process of getting from concepts to building consent from our clients, believing that bar any unforeseen complications we can have you ready to start construction approx six weeks faster then any other company.

The team at CHE does this through constant communication; with you so that you always know what is happening and with the designer + council to make sure that you remain a priority and that things happen as fast as possible.

Dealing with council especially can often be quite challenging and that’s the real bonus of dealing with a company like us, we spend our day working for you making sure that your dream for your home is made a reality as smoothly and with as little stress as possible!


Within 10 days of us submitting for Building Consent we will schedule a site visit with all of our important subcontractors e.g. builder, plumber, electrician etc. We feel that it is in the best interests of all parties to get the specialists to site to give us a price so to speak as they can sometimes make us aware of potential problems or issues, reducing the risk of any unforeseen surprises and giving you complete clarity before you start paying our guys to do a job that for some reason may be more difficult than expected for them to complete.

Once they have submitted their prices to us, we will compile them into a 13 page Action Plan. This Action Plan is tailored to your project and will give you a full understanding of what has and has not been taken into consideration e.g. we may exclude electrical work because you have your own electrician that you would like to use. Alvin will personally present this plan to you and go through every detail, the last thing that we want you to be saying is “Hey, I thought that was included.”

As always, we want to ensure our client’s are confident before proceeding.


Hooray! Once you are happy and have signed off on your Action Plan we can usually begin construction within 4-6 weeks. (depending on the availability of the builder).

During Construction Alvin will organize weekly meetings and send weekly reports so that we ensure that you are kept updated every step of the way.

If you have a question, would like an additional meeting or require clarification at anytime then give us a call and we will be happy to arrange whatever necessary.


The end of our journey together draws nigh!

At this stage your extension dream has been made reality, final payments have been made and you are living happily ever after!

You will also receive;
– Commercial Clean of your Home
– Signed Off Code of Compliance Certificate
– A Bottle of Champers and a Gift Basket to celebrate

Of course our journey together will never really be over, we pride ourselves on providing the ultimate level of service even when your building project has been completed If something should come up throughout the course of you living in your dream then feel free to give us a call and we will be more then happy to help.

Our Happy Clients

“We loved it how CHE was a one stop shop from start to finish and if there were any challenges during construction, we only had to talk to Alvin and it all got resolved. 
Andrew & Tanya
“I felt that we were always kept in the loop, I really appreciated the weekly meetings where we would clarify things that we were unsure off. Alvin was very easy to approach along with the staff over phone and with any enquires and we would definitely use them again..”
Andy & Charlotte
Owners of Spiral Drillers Ltd
“We’re very busy people so we needed somebody that would do everything for us. We got Alvin and the Certified Home Extension’s team in and they did exactly that, we didn’t have to think about anything, apart from choosing a few colors. Everything was done for us, priced out and it was a complete turn key operation which made it so much easier for everybody”
Steve & Leslie
Western Springs

How do I begin my Journey?

Simply fill in the form below or if you would like to skip the paperwork, feel free to give us a call anytime on 09 236 6944 and one of our team will be happy to assist
Contact us today to arrange your must have session with one of Certified Home Extension’s friendly Dream Creators and learn how to avoid all the nasty potential pitfalls that can occur during your build.

Here’s what you’ll receive before this session:

Before the session even begins you’ll receive a information pack with all sorts of useful tips, checklists and information tailored specifically to your building dream in order to help you feel most confident about beginning your building journey 

During our time together we’ll go over:

  • How we work
    After 13 years of successful extension projects we have developed several detailed systems and processes that we will run through with you so that you gain an understanding of what your journey will look like and how we can help you to make sure that it runs as smoothly and as stress free as possible
  • Your Needs + Wants
    During our time together we will have a lengthy walk around your property discussing the dream that you have in mind so that we get a clear picture in our minds of how we can provide you with everything you want, need & more
  • Timeframes
    Where to start, when we can start and how long it will take.
  • Action Plan + Pricing 
    An indicative ballpark investment figure of what we believe your home dream will cost will be provided and you’ll also gain an understanding of how we will compile the final fixed investment figure
  • Project Management
    Who does what, why and when?
  • Council Consents and Compliance
    We’ll advise you as to what consents you will need to get final code of compliance for your project, how much they typically cost and how we manage the process of coordinating with council to make sure that we get what we need as quickly and efficiently as possible

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