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The Faces Behind Certified Home Extensions

Alvin Chisnall

Commander of Construction

Alvin is the Commander of Construction and Company Director of Certified Home Extensions. His primary responsibility is working with you from design to construction to ensure that the process remains stress-free and runs as smoothly as possible.
There is nothing that he loves more and works harder for then the satisfaction of handing over a key to happy clients after another successful extension, renovation or new build has been completed.
When he isn’t on site or on the telephone speaking with clients and managing subcontractors, you can usually find him in the office compiling action plans that will show you every component that makes up your completed dream home.
Other than running around after his four adorable children Makayla, Sofia, Damien and Oakley or spending time with his lovely wife Annalise, his passion is helping you to create a home that you and your family can enjoy for decades into the future.

Nakul Patel

Project Administrator

Prior to stepping through the CHE door, Nakul handled the project management for three companies for 12 years across various industries. While he gained extensive people and project experience during this time, the satisfaction of seeing a home go from before to after appealed and thus he found himself seeking a construction management qualification at MIT. 
Nakul works closely with Alvin to learn the ropes of managing a successful project whilst making sure that all of the little details are handled so that our clients enjoy a top notch journey throughout construction.
When Nakul is not on-site observing the practical technicalities of extension & renovation projects, he’s hard at work in the office, active behind the scenes to make sure that our current projects are transitioning smoothly. He also enjoys dabbling with technology, and as a result, he is the resident CHE tech wiz who keeps the project management software that we use to keep clients informed humming. 
Outside of work hours, Nakul enjoys spending time with his fiancé Vibha, hurtling down mountain bike tracks at one hundred miles an hour, making homemade crispy roti bread to enjoy come smoko time and scouring the internet to acquire the perfect motorcycle which he is hoping will become a reality soon. 


Emily Higginson

Sargent of Sales

Emily is the vivacious voice behind the phone at Certified Home Extensions. Full of vim and vigor there is nothing she loves more than having a good natter with you about the dream that you have for your home and why we are best qualified to help you make it a reality.
As you proceed from design to construction Emily will support you every step of the way minimizing your stress levels and making sure you remain updated and informed about exactly what is happening with your project.
When she isn’t speaking with clients you can find her continuously working on marketing Certified Home Extensions making sure as many people as possible are aware of our superior reputation as the extension and renovation specialists. In her spare time she enjoys socializing, shopping, spending time with her loved ones including ratbag cats Dude & Bro and sitting (preferably somewhere sunny with a soppy romance).
We believe having integrity and a good attitude about everything we do on the building site impacts positively on the high standard of workmanship... which we strive to deliver on every project.
Going that extra mile for you, having pride in our workmanship and enjoying a little good hearted banter and humour with you are all part of our good days work! We look forward to working with you one day soon and we’ll show you what a trustful bunch we really are!

Construction Team
The guys in the construction team are not only experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to building, but we pride ourselves on having a respectful and trustworthy outlook.


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