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Certified Home Extensions

Home Extensions

Family tripping over each other? Kids sleeping top and tail? Dread the thought of moving but really need more space? Extending is the ideal solution for you! Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help you to maximize the potential of your home

Home Renovations

Is your home cold, tired and looking past its best before date? Small kitchen not meeting your needsGive the team at CHE a call NOW and let us tell you how our expertise can make refreshing & renovating your home easy.

Custom New Builds

Got a Dream Home in mind? Give us a call now and let us tell you how we can work together to create a home that is 100% customized and unique for your family, land and lifestyle. 


While we’re quick to point out that we specialise in major extensions and architectural homes, we also like to tell prospective clients the type of work we aren’t setup for, so there aren’t any unrealistic expectations at the beginning.
If you’ve got a singular renovations project like a deck extension, bathroom renovation, garage conversion, outdoor entertainment area expansion or similar type work… then we’re probably not the right building company for you, and we’ll respectfully tell you this right at the beginning of your project.
This just saves both parties from wasted time, money and energy.
However, if this small project is part of a larger scale renovation or extension then we can easily schedule it as a component of your bigger project – we can offer greater efficiency and cost savings this way.
We have noticed that other building companies tend to  just do a ‘quote’ – that is they give you a price and that’s all, as if price is the only thing worth considering when planning your next building project, if all building projects were the same, that could be true.
Large customised extensions like this property are the sort of work that Certified Home Extensions specialise in.
Deck extensions only like this are not our speciality, but if it is apart of a larger project it can easily be scheduled in and can offer you greater workmanship and cost efficiency!









Why Our Team Can Help You Best?

Why Choose Us
Photo above: Alvin offering valuable insights based on his 23 years of experience with Residential Extensions & Renovations.

The Certified Home Extensions have a broad range of knowledge in the building and construction industry especially when it comes to refreshing, renovating and maximizing the space + potential of treasured family homes. So if you have a building project which seems impossible don't despair, tell us about it and we will do our best to make it happen for you.

We want to work with you to create your forever home, where your children have the space that they need to grow up and grandchildren can one day play in the front yard.

As part of our mission to be continuously improving to always exceed your expectations, Alvin completed a project management course in 2017 to hone his skills. The lecturer was impressed with the practical and efficient systems that we have to ensure our homes run smoothly, so much that he invited Alvin to speak at the NZCB conference that was held later that year.

This led on to a quarterly column offering project management tips and tricks to all members. Being able to do our bit to help the next generation of builders is something that we are hugely proud of and value highly.

Experienced Project Managers

CBANZ conference
Caption: Alvin has 23 years worth of experience with Extensions and Renovations which is unique as most builders prefer to specialise in New Builds which are less complicated and typically more cost effective.

Hiring an experienced project manager is crucial to the success of a building project involving your treasured family home, especially when the scope of works involves an extension or renovation.

Completing an extension or renovation project successfully is significantly more complicated than a new build where you start from scratch and challenges are minimal. Experience and planning is crucial for achieving excellent outcomes as your family home is likely to be out of square or level, and our extension needs to tie into your property without highlighting the existing defects.

If your builder and/or project manager lacks experience then not only will challenges not be overcome, mistakes will often occur, your budget will blowout and the high quality building project that you were expecting is extremely likely to be put in jeopardy.

Alvin, CHE's company director and principal project manager has overseen 176 successful extensions and renovations. With this much experience it is very rare that he encounters a problem through the process that he does not have a systemized, successful solution for.

This trait is ideal in a project manager and one to watch for when you are looking for somebody to help you make the dream that you have for your home a reality.

Site Visits with all Tradesmen

Site Visits with all tradesmen
Caption: Having all the tradesmen on site as pictured above means that we can offer you a fixed price for your project that won't change because of pre-existing site conditions.

Due to the complexities of an extension project, most builders will only give an estimate or ball park figure. When we first started out in 2003, we operated like this too. We often found however, that our clients expected the estimated figure to be the final figure, consistently leading to confusion and disappointment for both parties.

Now when our team conducts a site visit, we do so with everybody who we feel will make a significant contribution to your job. We do this for two main reasons, the first being that our handpicked tradesmen being specialists in what they do, are able to give us an accurate description of their proposed works & a fixed price which isn't going to change throughout the course of your project.

Secondly having a subcontractor on site before the job begins gives them the opportunity to spot previous defects or work components that will need repairing or upgrading through the course of your project.

They will then either make us aware of it or price the job accordingly so you are not paying to do a job that they may not be able to complete.

The extensive site visit that we conduct means that we can guarantee that the investment figure in your Action Plan won't change unless something unforeseen crops up or you change your mind.

Pricing and Specification Process

Pricing and specification process

One of the most interesting phases of the project will be the stage where you can ask a builder to put together a quote based on the dreams that you have designed.

There are many different methods of pricing a project, from a verbal quote to the more traditional two page written quote.

Both these methods do provide a lot of room for errors and variations, especially when as aforementioned, only one person comes to your home for a site visit.

This is why here at Certified Home Extensions we do neither, instead choosing to provide our clients with a 19-33 page Action Plan that includes everything from site set out to the installation of your chosen fitments i.e. carpet, toilets, toilet roll holders.

Instead of saying "Hey, I thought that was included", we guarantee that you will be impressed at the depth of detail provided.

Having an Action Plan that is tailored to your project also means the fixed price investment figure that the breakdown is based on will remain constant, unless something unforeseen occurs during construction or you choose to make a variation that requires additional expenditure.

Fixed Price Final Agreements

 Action Plans

A fixed price final agreement such as the one that Certified Home Extensions offers, is the only way to ensure complete peace of mind about the final invoice that you will receive at the end of your building project.

Under the agreement that we offer, your fixed investment figure will not change, unless you request a variation or an unforeseen situation arises during the course of construction, e.g, rocks are discovered whilst excavating.

If there are cost overruns, we will not invoice you for any additional amounts, removing all risk from you and passing it on to us, the project managers.

This is in complete contrast to a Cost Plus contract where you carry all of the risk, due to the fact that you have essentially signed a blank cheque.

The low total investment figure that you were offered in order to win the job will not be the final figure. This is because these contracts have no contingency factored into the overall investment figure, so when things go wrong as they inevitably will, your costs will increase to make up for the profit margins which your contractor is losing.

Although we may not be the lowest overall investment figure presented to you at the conclusion of your tendering, we will be the lowest at the end of a project, and we are definitely the company who you can feel the most certainty about signing an agreement with.

Reputable Architectural Designers

 Reputable architectural designers

One of the most underestimated dimensions of any project is the value that a reputable architectural designer can add to the vision that you have for your home.

It's easy to get out the Yellow Pages and ring the first person you find, totally unfamiliar to you, your family and your lifestyle but this hardly ever works well as you simply are not a priority to these professionals due to their busy businesses.

Our team has strongly established ties with five architectural designers so whenever you are ready, we can work with you and the person that we recommend as ideally suited for your project. Thereby coming up with plans for making the dream that you have for your home a reality in a speedy and stress free manner. Throughout your journey with our designer we'll manage the process of going from concept drawings to council consent and make sure that you always remain a priority.

Having our team help you through concepts to construction means we can hand the keys over to your extension approximately twelve weeks sooner than if you had chosen somebody else to draw the plans.

Constant, Consistent Communication

 Constant, Consistent, Communication

Communication that is both consistent and constant is crucial to your experience being made easy from design to construction.

Our team will update you once a week, whether we are drawing up concept plans or hanging doors in your new extension. This means you'll never be left wondering about the status of your project, as you'll have access to your project schedule on our project management software as well as weekly emailed reports throughout construction.

We put a high emphasis on trust & communication right from the beginning phases of your project because architectural designers, tradespeople, engineers and councilmen always speak a different language and it is important that you feel comfortable approaching our team with any questions that you might have. We see it as our job to translate for you, making you completely comfortable from the before to the after photo of your home.


“I felt that we were always kept in the loop, I really appreciated the weekly meetings where we would clarify things that we were unsure off. Alvin was very easy to approach along with the staff over phone and with any enquires and we would definitely use them again.
Andy & Charlotte
Owners of Spiral Drillers Ltd
“We loved it how CHE was a one stop shop from start to finish and if there were any challenges during construction, we only had to talk to Alvin and it all got resolved. 


Andrew & Tanya
Totara Heights
“We’re very busy people so we needed somebody that would do everything for us. We got Alvin and the Certified Home Extension’s team in and they did exactly that, we didn’t have to think about anything, apart from choosing a few colors.
Steve & Leslie
Western Springs

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“One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for your Extension Dream”
We understand beginning the journey of making the dream that you have for your home a reality can often feel scary and overwhelming which is why the first stage in our journey together is always a Start Up Consultation with one of our Dream Creators. The purpose of the discussions that take place during this consultation is to stop fears and uncertainties and start up excitement and creativity – essential ingredients to any building project.
 During our time together we’ll go over:
“One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for your Extension Dream”
We understand beginning the journey of making the dream that you have for your home a reality can often feel scary and overwhelming which is why the first stage in our journey together is always a Start Up Consultation with one of our Dream Creators. The purpose of the discussions that take place during this consultation is to stop fears and uncertainties and start up excitement and creativity – essential ingredients to any building project.
 During our time together we’ll go over:
  • How we work 
    After 13 years of successful extension projects we have developed several detailed systems and processes that we will run through with you so that you gain an understanding of what your journey will look like and how we can help you to make sure that it runs as smoothly and as stress free as possible.

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