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Certified Home Extensions

Home Extensions

Family tripping over each other? Kids sleeping top and tail? Dread the thought of moving but really need more space? Extending is the ideal solution for you! Give us a call today and let’s talk about how we can help you to maximize the potential of your home

Home Renovations

Is your home tired and looking past its best before date? Kitchen not quite suited to your requirements? Give the team at CHE a call today to secure your free consultation and let us tell you how we can help to refresh & renovate your home.

Custom New Builds

Got a Dream Home in mind? Give us a call now and let us tell you how we can work together to create a home that is 100% customized and unique for your family, land and lifestyle. 


While we’re quick to point out that we specialise in major extensions and architectural homes, we also like to tell prospective clients the type of work we aren’t setup for, so there aren’t any unrealistic expectations at the beginning.
If you’ve got a singular renovations project like a deck extension, bathroom renovation, garage conversion, outdoor entertainment area expansion or similar type work… then we’re probably not the right building company for you, and we’ll respectfully tell you this right at the beginning of your project.
This just saves both parties from wasted time, money and energy.
However, if this small project is part of a larger scale renovation or extension then we can easily schedule it as a component of your bigger project – we can offer greater efficiency and cost savings this way.
We have noticed that other building companies tend to  just do a ‘quote’ – that is they give you a price and that’s all, as if price is the only thing worth considering when planning your next building project, if all building projects were the same, that could be true.
In reality, there are massive differences – things that matter – like quality of materials, how much planning will be required, help with council, organising the plans, choosing the right materials and critically how many years your new home extension and/or renovation will last.
Not to mention the important differences between building companies, like whether they use qualified and experienced trades people to complete your project, will they deliver exactly the features they say they will, whether they offer an Iron Clad Guarantee, how they manage the sub trades, will they help you to work out a budget and time line that meets your needs, are they a Certified Builders Association member and will they give you unbiased professional advice to get the best result for you.
So if its just a quote you are after, so you can give it to a cousins friend to get the cheapest deal possible, please don’t ask.
However if you want to build a strong friendship, and are looking for a company you can trust to work on your family home, we would love to hear from you.
Please call now so we can have a chat about how our team can help you best!







Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us
Photo above: Alvin giving solid Project Management advice at the NZCB conference.

The Certified Home Extensions have a broad range of knowledge in the building and construction industry especially when it comes to refreshing, renovating and maximizing the space + potential of treasured family homes. So if you have a building project which seems impossible don't despair, tell us about it and we will do our best to make it happen for you

In order to achieve these high standards, the team at Certified Home Extensions is always seeking to continuously improve and better themselves so that we can enhance what we are providing you and your family. We want to work with you to create your forever home, where your children have the space that they need to grow up and grandchildren can one day play in the front yard.

Expert knowledge and experience

CBANZ conference

Building an extension or renovating an existing space is tremendously more difficult then starting from scratch with an empty section and building a new home, thus experience is crucial when considering who will help you to make the dream that you have for your home a reality. After having successfully completed 139 (soon to be 140) home extensions, the A&A team has all of the experience needed and more when it comes to working on treasured family homes.

Throughout Alvin’s twenty one years in the Construction Industry he has encountered and overcome just about every problem imaginable with a building project. After thirteen years of focusing solidly on extensions, the likelihood of a challenge arising on your project that we do not know how to overcome is extremely unlikely.

Based on this experience we have compiled the challenges that we have overcome into a comprehensive 267-point Quality Assurance Checklist that all of our subcontractors abide by in order to ensure that we are constructing your extension dream to premium standards.

Complete Turn Key/h3>

Why Choose Us
Here at Certified Home Extensions we seek to provide all of our clients with the complete turn-key solution i.e. the ultimate one stop building company and experience.

This means that all you have to do is tell us about your extension dream, meet with one of our dream creators & designers and then sit back and relax as we manage the concept to completion process on your behalf.

Our team assists with your designing process (ensuring it runs as efficiently as possible), deals with council in order to obtain the required consents, organises the sub trades and then manages the construction process while keeping you updated every step of the way and ensuring that you have a stress free journey towards making your extension dream a reality..

Comprehensive Communication

Comprehensive Communication

Throughout the stages that we will work through together as we strive to make your extension dream a reality, communication is key to ensuring that you understand what is going on at every step of the way. As we go from concept to construction, we will update you regularly about what has happened and what the next step is. Throughout the design stage this will involve a weekly phone call whilst during construction Alvin will come out and meet with you and your partner once a week.

We also encourage you to give us a call at anytime no matter how small the question or idea, although we can’t guarantee that we will respond immediately if you call at 2am one of the key benefits to us being a smaller company is that during business hours one of our team is always reachable and only too happy to assist!

Action Plan

 Action Plans

One of the ways that we strive to maximise your levels of confidence is through the 13 page Action Plan that we provide pre construction. This 13 page Action Plan is broken down into approximately 24 unique categories with all materials that will be built into your dream extension listed and included. Sometimes it takes 2-3 revisions to get these 13 pages 100% correct but we are happy to do 200 revisions if that is what it takes, we want you to understand every detail and material that is going into your project. Rather than saying “Hey! I thought that was included!” we guarantee that you will be impressed with the depth of detail in what we have covered. The ultimate level of transparency that our Action Plan provides means that you have absolute clarity with regards to constructing your extension dream.


“I felt that we were always kept in the loop, I really appreciated the weekly meetings where we would clarify things that we were unsure off. Alvin was very easy to approach along with the staff over phone and with any enquires and we would definitely use them again.
Andy & Charlotte
Owners of Spiral Drillers Ltd
“We loved it how CHE was a one stop shop from start to finish and if there were any challenges during construction, we only had to talk to Alvin and it all got resolved. 


Andrew & Tanya
Totara Heights
“We’re very busy people so we needed somebody that would do everything for us. We got Alvin and the Certified Home Extension’s team in and they did exactly that, we didn’t have to think about anything, apart from choosing a few colors.
Steve & Leslie
Western Springs

Take Your First Step Today!

“One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for your Extension Dream”
We understand beginning the journey of making the dream that you have for your home a reality can often feel scary and overwhelming which is why the first stage in our journey together is always a Start Up Consultation with one of our Dream Creators. The purpose of the discussions that take place during this consultation is to stop fears and uncertainties and start up excitement and creativity – essential ingredients to any building project.
 During our time together we’ll go over:
  •  How we work 
    After 13 years of successful extension projects we have developed several detailed systems and processes that we will run through with you so that you gain an understanding of what your journey will look like and how we can help you to make sure that it runs as smoothly and as stress free as possible.
  • Your Needs & Wants
    During our time together we will have a lengthy walk around your property discussing the dream that you have in mind so that we get a clear picture in our minds of how we can provide you with everything you want, need & more.
  • Time frames
    Where to start, when we can start and how long it will take.
  • Action Plan + Pricing 
    An indicative ballpark investment figure of what we believe your home dream will cost will be provided and you’ll also gain an understanding of how we will compile the final fixed investment figure.
  • Project Management
    Who does what, why and when?
  • Council Consents and Compliance
    We’ll advise you as to what consents you will need to get final code of compliance for your project, how much they typically cost and how we manage the process of coordinating with council to make sure that we get what we need as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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